Candidates for Co-President

(self-identifying Man/Non-binary)

Meet the Candidates

In random order, here are the candidates for Co-President (self-identifying Man or Non-binary)

Alessandro “Românul” Manea

Hearing our Students’ Voices in the “pandemic academic year” – I will fight with all my strength to lobby the University and optimise the process of REGISTRATION, FINANCE and the way COMMUNICATION is done between all CAMPUSES. These have caused ENOUGH stress and anxiety for students.


During my time in office, students will get clear pictures of solutions in accomodations, employment opportunities, economic supports. Students will see the continuous improvements in mentioned issues.

Quadri Yusuf

I will ensure that there is an increase in support for various societies and clubs in the university. Outcome: Increase in communication and awareness between different societies and also provide the opportunity of organizing bigger and better events where students can network and provide feedback for improvement

Nahum Robinson

The forced isolation that has come with the Covid-19 pandemic has seen significant impacts on the mental wellbeing, particularly students who have been isolated from family and friends. Arranging events/competitions which students can take part in, improve mental wellbeing, improve motivation, create new opportunities and improve university experience.

Sajid mohammed

Your voice will be heard. And speaking as a bit of a Student myself, I know that can be a pretty good feeling

Bilal Munawar

My key focus will be to listen student problems and issues and discuss with university team. I will have regular session with students to listen there problems.

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