Candidates for Co-Vice President

(self-identifying Man or Non-binary)

Meet the Candidates

In random order, here are the candidates for Co-Vice President (self-identifying Man or Non-binary)

Yogesh Krishna Biragi

“HUMANITY” and “SUCCESS” ‘Humanity’ preaches ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Brotherhood’ preaches ‘Peace’, ‘Peace’ preaches ‘Love’ and ‘Love’ never ‘Fails’. Students must and will develop the sense of working together regardless of a range of factors, showing the world how exciting and interesting it can be to achieve ‘UNITY’ leading to grand ‘SUCESS’.


I will ensure that every student is carried along on every development: your voice and opinions will be treated with equal rights and importance as my administration will work towards ensuring a more robust relationship within the student community.

Jigar Patel

If I could only one chance for the students during my tenure in the office, I would like to bring alterations to how the employability skills are developed among the student they can get employment after finishing their university.

Moazzem Hussain

We know university study is very expensive. In my office time I will:
Maintain the rent freeze for university halls. This must be continued.
Ensure that independent landlords keep rent down.
Make sure all outlets offer plenty of eating options as well as keeping prices low.

Dylan Cox

Allow for better communication between students and the university through means of social media and interpersonal connections, to direct academia in the direction the students feel beneficial.

Waqas Ahmed

Slogan:Students First (empowerment for all)
Getting more students involved into university activities social & educational
Taking their issues and matters to concern authorities
Increasing fund by seeking out to new sponsors
Work hard to heighten university rank and intensify its prominence & prestige among outsiders perusing more to join BEDS

Hafijur Shuvo

As an Exec, I have seen the students experience needs to be improved. Improvment includes, the students support, accommodation support, right feedback on assessments, and seeking feedbacks from students.

The outcomes would be vital as the students experience improvement and student’s voice will be heard, across all the campuses.