Candidates for Co-Vice President

(self-identifying Woman)

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In random order, here are the candidates for Co-Vice President (self-identifying Woman)

Tabitha Ajao

One in four students struggle with their mental health, which can negatively impact studies. I would a ‘student mental health support scheme’. Providing staff and lecturers with mental health training. Staff and lecturers pass on concerns to the support scheme. The scheme involves three stages; identification, action, and review.

A Nadia Ciofu

Improve communication between students and university especially during this time of studying from home. It includes clear timetables, using proper communication interfaces like Teams, and helping teachers to make their lectures more understandable through the use of IT features.

Kostadinka Anastasova

All people are different, but even one change is enough. We have to change ourselves step by step. That is why even one change is enough, because the student made the first step.


Someone is there to listen and to support them, everyone wants security and safety as someone is willing to help at any moment. I would like them to feel to address any concerns and to be supported, but to learn how to deal with any situation and never give up.

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