Candidates for NUS Delegates

What do the Candidates have to say?

The candidates (see below) were each asked the same series of questions. Click the button to download a PDF containing all of the answers that they provided.

Who are the Candidates?

There are two groups of NUS Delegate candidates. They are;

  • NUS Delegates (Open)
    1 position available
  • NUS Delegates (Self-Defining Woman)
    2 positions available

Candidates for NUS Delegates (Open)

There is 1 position available for this post.

Aniis Mohamud

l believe that l can be great fit for this role as l have various skills. My top to skills are as follows: 1- Clear communication skills for instance public speaking and behalf of others. 2-Networking skills. l am able to build relationships to further students career prospects with collaboration.


I am very much enthusiastic to apply for this Executive officer role because I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I’m flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I want to become an Executive Officer because of the challenge the role presents itself, the fact that this position will give me the opportunity to make a huge, positive difference to the organization, and also because I believe the abilities I possess are a perfect match for the role.

Candidates for NUS Delegates (Self-Defining Woman)

There are 2 positions available for this post.

Mariah Banton

We all decided to go through the grueling process of UCAS, trying to find a reference, applying for student finance, and visiting universities, all to study. For a lot of people university, a degree is a hope for a better life, a different life. I decided to apply for this position because I know how much university means to each one of us and this last year has not been easy. The current climate has made university seem impossible. University should be enjoyable for all; I want the university to be that place of hope again.

Farooq Ali

Hi. Am Shaik farooq Ali would love to represent the best university in which M studying my masters i.e., University of bedfordshire. What else will make me a happy person ever in my life. Rather than being the the part of bedfordshire university.
I think I can represent the university of bedfordshire in my own way, after all M speaking on behalf of more than 16,500 students.

Marlena Cocu

I apply for this position because I came there, in England, three years ago and from then I tried everything to check my limits. I want to be my best version and to demonstrate that. I can do better than I do it now. I am a serious, ambitious and competitive person, so that is the big reason that I would like to be in this position. After all doesn’t matter where we are from or what we are, it is important to be our best version everywhere.

Caroline ‘Carole’ Chimombe

Having been part of this university for the last four years, I have gathered an in-depth understanding of matters that affect us as students and have gained resources that are helpful in solving many of problems we face. Additionally as a BAME mature student, I am aware of some of the many complications we face that may not be obvious but require resolution. Essentially, I feel all student voices should be heard and the wealth of information and voices available to me is extremely helpful in bridging the gap between university resources and student needs.

Brittany Parker

With the Government inability to say the word University it feels like the students have been left at seas without a map to get back. I’m upset and feel the similar feeling from others and I want to argue for the students on a stage where our voices matter. Issues prior to the pandemic need to be addressed and I want to acknowledge that

Rozanna “Rozey” Piddington

As an NUS delegate, I would be passionate about change and representation or our student body. As a current and continuing student I feel it is vital to understand the experiences of students and have an understanding of the matters that affect them from reaching their potential. As a student with disabilities myself, University continues to be incredibly time consuming and deeply intrusive for ones mental health. However, I strongly believe, although my personal journey has been fraught with difficulties and challenges, all students should be supported to reach their full potential and have an equal starting point.

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